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80 years of Ivens: from local metal worker to global player

Ivens Construction can look back on a successful company history of more than eighty years. Since the very first tank the company nursed only one great ambition - throughout all the moves, construction projects, recruitment and expansion: to build the best storage tanks on the market. We cherish our rich history, but always keep our sights trained on the future.

1930: A modest start
Metalworker and blacksmith Leon Ivens opened a small business in Kapellen as an installer for various types of boilers. But he died too soon and so his father – who had already retired by that time – decided to keep the business running in anticipation of Leon’s son Eduard joining the company and taking over at the helm.

1948: The first fuel oil tanks
The young Eduard - Ward - Ivens soon understood there were several opportunities in the production of fuel oil tanks. With the advent of central heating orders for tanks soon started piling up. In order to complete all the orders on time Eduard and his staff worked very long hours. In fact they worked almost seven days a week.

1955: The move to Leugenberg in Ekeren
Soon the small workshop in Kapellen was bursting at the seams. Ivens Construction moved to larger premises on Leugenberg in Ekeren.

The 1960s: The development of the port
Many chemical companies opened branches in the port of Antwerp around this period. These new companies required large storage terminals. Eduard Ivens soon spied a market niche and started manufacturing increasingly large storage tanks for the rapidly expanding petrochemical industry.

Mid 1970s: Conquering the foreign market
Ivens had no qualms about going international and, in addition to operating in the domestic markets, increasingly started working abroad. Our teams demonstrated their skills in Mauritania, Saudi Arabia ... Ivens tanks were even installed in the Antarctic.

1976: Creation of Ivens Transport
Naturally the manufactured storage tanks had to somehow arrive at their final destination. A job which - given the huge dimensions of these tanks - requires considerable expertise. Ivens soon decided to create its own transport company, which also carried out assignments for other customers.

1979: The move to the port of Antwerp
Ivens continued to grow and thus the company was again forced to move to new and larger premises. The company found the perfect location in Antwerp’s port, along Noorderlaan, near Lillo Bridge. Ivens Construction - since a subsequent extension – now operates from a perfectly situated 43,250 sq.m. site in this location.

1980s and 90s: Consolidating the family aspect of the business
Daughter Greet Ivens was appointed managing director of the company. Together with her father Eduard Ivens – who still comes in to work every day - and grandson Peter Van de Perck she represents the Ivens family on the Board of Directors.

2005: Expansion of production space
The construction of ever larger tanks also required a steady expansion of production space. In 2007 Ivens opened the brand-new 'Hall7’. This gigantic workshop measured 30 metres wide, 25 metres high and 72 metres long. Now Ivens has two gigantic workshops, which are used for the in-house building of storage tanks.

2007: Start up of Roll It NV, specialized in exceptional transport using SPMT’s (Self Propelled Modular Transport).

2008: Move of Ivens Transport & Kraanbedrijf to their new location.

2009: New expansion of production space, adding another xxm².

2010: A new office as the icing on the cake
The rapid growth of Ivens Construction also meant that more staff was needed in the technical and administrative departments. At the end of 2010, all the employees moved into a brand-new modern office building on the existing site along Noorderlaan. The transparent office building is the ideal reference for this dynamic family business.

2012: Start up of Roll It Cargo, your partner in exceptional project cargo around the globe.

2013: Start up of Ivens Civil Contracting,  a civil division within the group to get renovation works done more flexible or to have your civil works of any kind executed by our experienced team.