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For safe storage of bulk liquids

As a purebred family-run company, Ivens NV is the odd man out in the Antwerp port complex. Certainly we may have grown in step with the industrial development of the port. But our aim has always been the same: to operate a stable, family SME.

The production of storage tanks in all shapes and sizes – from small to big,bigger and biggest – makes up Ivens’s core business activity. We design, create, transport and install the most modern tanks for the storage of your chemicals and fuels in different sizes and different type of materials.

Ivens can look back today with plenty of joy to all the successful projects which have been executed in the past, up to today. To reach this satisfaction today we are thankful to all our customers, together with the trust we receive each day, we still grow further, heading to discover new horizons. The success story is far from over.

We invite you to discover the full story of Ivens on our site, from the history up to today and what the future can bring us together. Think tank, and all will be fine.